Six Ways To Brighten A Room


Winter is finally here, and that means holidays, hot chocolate, and hopefully some snow days. While winter is a lot of people’s favorite time of year, it can also be a little depressing. Cold weather, flu season, shorter days, and darker rooms at home can lead to a gloomy mood, even during the happiness of the holiday season.

While we can’t control the weather or how long the sun stays up, there are some simple tricks you can implement at home to brighten up any room and give your mood a boost.


1. Give Your Walls A Fresh Coat Of Paint


If your walls are a darker color, it can make any space seem darker than it actually is. Dark colors absorb more light, leaving less to fill a room. Try painting your room with an off-white, powder blue, or even warm orange to give it new life and a brightness boost!


2. Utilize Natural Light


Sometimes, the solution is as simple as letting a little more sun in through your windows and doors. Even though the sun goes down earlier in the winter, you can still brighten up a room immensely during the day with the right window treatments.

Avoid dark and heavy curtains that block the light. Roman shades or blinds are great to maintain your privacy while still letting in some light. You can add partially sheer curtains to add flair and personality, too!


3. Choose The Right Furniture


Oversized and/or bulky furniture can turn an otherwise bright room dark! Choose pieces with solid, lighter colors and sleek lines. Bernhardt Furniture is known for their classic, yet minimalist designs that aren’t bulky.


4. Brighten Your Floors And Ceilings

loloi rug bright spaces

It’s easy to forget about how the color of your floors or ceilings can affect the overall brightness of a room, but it makes a huge difference. Painting your ceilings white can add a little more light to a room and make it seem larger! White also reflects light, so the lighting you have will be magnified almost compared to a darker color that absorbs more light.

Dark hardwood floors, while gorgeous in most homes, can also hinder the brightness of a room. Picking out a light colored rug that matches the color scheme of the room can add some depth, brightness, and a warmer place to put your feet in the winter than the cold hardwood.


5. Light Up Your Space


Overhead lights don’t have to be your only source of light in a room. Stylish table and floor lamps can add light to a room all day, even after the sun goes down! Place your lamps in corners of the room or against walls so that they’ll reflect on the walls and illuminate even more of your room.

Also, pay attention to the number of lumens in the lightbulbs you use. Most people only look at the wattage, but that doesn’t change the brightness of a bulb. The more lumens, the more intense a light, so choose a bulb that gives you the amount of light you’re looking for.

Most bulbs are labeled as soft white or daylight. Daylight bulbs are going to produce a much more intense, cooler light. Soft white bulbs are going to have a warmer, yellow hue. While bright bulbs are great, daylight bulbs can be a little harsh on the eyes, so be careful when picking bulbs out!


6. Decor Makes A Difference

plants brighten room

What you use to accent and decorate your home can really change the mood of a space. Mirrors or other reflective wall art magnify lighting, brightening a space and making it look larger at the same time.

Plants are also a great way to really improve how light a room is. Extra oxygen flow will raise your mood and energy levels, and plants that need light will force you to allow in a little extra sunlight.

Don’t let the winter blues take away from the happiness of the holiday season. You can always use lighting, furniture, and home decor to make your home a brighter, happier place!

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