Introducing the La-Z-Boy Duo Line

This April, La-Z-Boy announced a new product line that combines the sleek design of stationary furniture with the comfort of a motion recliner, and we’ve been dying to get our hands on it ever since. The wait is finally over, and we have the brand new La-Z-Boy Duo line on the showroom floor! 

If you’ve ever argued with your spouse over whether to buy a recliner or a new loveseat, this is the perfect solution. Here are a few key features that make this new addition to the La-Z-Boy family an immediate favorite for our design consultants. 

1. Marriage of Stationary Design and Reclining Comfort

You’re basically getting both a recliner and a loveseat or sofa out of the same piece of furniture. In all aspects of outward appearance, the Duo line embodies the sleek design of stationary furniture. It’s classic, it’s functional, and it’s versatile. At the same time, the power reclining action adds an extra element of comfort and use. You can kick your feet up after a long day without sacrificing the look that a normal sofa or loveseat brings to a room. 

2. Comfort Core Cushions

If you’ve never tried out La-Z-Boy’s patented Comfort Core cushions, you’ve been missing out. They utilize different “zones” within the cushion to provide the right support and softness where it’s needed most. At the front of the cushion, softer padding eases pressure on the back of your knees. To prevent sagging, the back provides firmer support. Zones 3 and 4 add in extra layers of support and softness for lasting comfort and durability. 

3. Battery Pack Options

You might wonder why a rechargeable battery matters on a piece of furniture, but having a cordless option allows your furniture to be arranged away from the wall. Open floor plan homes and apartments utilize free-standing furniture often, and the Duo line offers days of power reclining on one charge! 

4. Versatility

Because of the unique power reclining system that the Duo line uses, you can place it flush against the wall while keeping full reclining functionality. No more awkward shifting away from the wall before hitting recline, no more arranging your entire space around a recliner. The footrests even adjust to accommodate height differences! 

5. Style Options

La-Z-Boy always offers an exceptional array of style options, and the Duo is no different. With four base styles and over 900 fabric/leather options, you can rest assured that you’ll find the perfect combination for your space. 

“For a couple designing the perfect room, there was always a compromise between style and function-- especially in small spaces.” -Paula Hoyas, VP of merchandising for La-Z-Boy 

You’ve got just enough time before the holiday season to outfit your new home with the all new Duo collection from La-Z-Boy, so make sure to stop by before it’s too late! Need help deciding what style and fabric option works best in your home? Our FREE in-home design consultants will make the entire process a breeze. 

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