Trend Alert: Farmhouse Chic

With the rise in popularity of Fixer Upper and similar shows, one of hottest trends in southern decor right now is Farmhouse Chic. This style combines modern amenities and pieces with rustic textures and updated farmhouse decor. 

*images from Pinterest*

The main appeal of farmhouse chic is it's versatility. Your home can be incredibly clean and modern while still feeling homey and comfortable. It's a nice mix between old and new, and you can create a lot of "new" pieces by repurposing some older pieces. 

So how do you achieve the look? 

Color Palettes 

Muted tones work best, with a healthy mix of neutrals and cool colors. While a soft pink thrown in works well, you'll want to stay away from bright, warm tones such as orange or red. In the palettes we used as examples above, you can see that there are a lot of natural colors. Soft blues, deep teal, green shades you would find in a garden or your yard. 

Feel free to play around with different shades of colors to find a color palette that matches your style! 

Furniture Pieces

Weathered wood furniture will be your best friend. Just like the color palettes, the key is natural tones and textures. Your wood furniture doesn't have to look perfectly stained and sealed; it can be a little rough around the edges or worn. You'll notice that a lot of the wood has a muted brown tone or even gray undertone to it instead of the typical dark stain. Palette board styles are also very popular. 

Accent Decor 

Probably the best part of this style is the decor options. The idea is to create a very comfortable and homey feel, and you can do this pretty much however you want. Fluffy throw blankets, cute throw pillows, burlap accents, succulents (a personal favorite of ours), hand lettered wall art, repurposed wood, old signage... the options are endless! 


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